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You are a small company? You are starting a new company? You need help to build, automate and/or enhance your business operations? We provide you with simple, complete, and cost-effective solutions to boost your productivity and sustainability by dramatically reducing your administrative burden and increasing the security of your assets and operations.

You get personalized assistance and professional, technical and organizational support with your home/office devices and networks, with your website/shop (see our price list), with your back-office applications, with your business processes, and with the security of your assets and data. You can entrust us with the full integration of your key operations; we will make sure they run smoothly, securely, and efficiently. Here are the clients who have already entrusted us.


You can expect high quality services at a reasonable price (see our price list) thanks to our cost consciousness and our innovative approach to business. We work with well-defined and tested work modules, which let you fully manage your expenditure and control the quality of our work. We also guarantee your complete freedom by ensuring you remain the owner of everything we create for you.

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Red Paprika was founded to help small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to find cost-effective paths through the jungle of information technology (IT). We combine experience and talent, diversity and passion, creativity and innovation, to build a new and sustainable approach to IT business. Our team is highly motivated to provide you with all the support you deserve in the running and development of your business. We take pride of your success.

Christian Rime


I have a mechanical and electrical engineering background. For 40 years I worked in various international companies (IT, Telco and Banking) in different areas (engineering, marketing, security, information technology, hospitality services, human resource management). The creation of Red Paprika will allow me to share my skills with young people.

Jérôme Bonnet

Head of IT

I started my journey studying chemical engeneering in EPFL. Passionated about information technology (IT), I did a minor degree in that field to be able to develop my own websites and programmes. As a sports coach, I know how to motivate people and share my positive energy. I’m looking forward to creating new projects with Red Paprika team and finding creative and simple solutions for our clients.

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