Home/office devices and network:

We make sure all your devices (PC, Mac, laptops, tablets, phones, cameras, printers, lights, sound systems, etc.) are up-to-date and properly configured, and your networks (LAN and Wifi) and Internet access are reliable, secure, and documented.

Together with you, we build simple, modern, and cost-effective websites/shops that reflect the image of your enterprise. We do not require pre-payment; we provide you with a working website which you may then buy at a fair price. We also integrate your webshops with a back-office application such as bexio to streamline the sales process.

Based on your business requirements, we review and document your service provider accounts (Microsoft, Apple, bexio, etc.) and your software and service licenses (Office, MS365, Azure, iCloud, Music, Apple TV, etc.). We propose ways to reduce the costs and take full advantage of the functionalities of the needed applications.

You should be able to focus on your customers and sales. We help you to do so by consolidating all your business processes into one single and simple back-office application (enterprise resource planning ERP i.e. bexio) that integrates with your webshop. You get an completely integrated and automated retail process, from customer and product management to sales and accounting.

Your business information is your most critical and valuable asset. We help you to organized them and store them securely (access control, automated backup, and encryption) on reliable storage solutions (cloud or network storage). We improve and simplify the management of your passwords. We help you securing your communication channels (VPN, TLS, etc.). We can even provide you with easy-to-use and powerful surveillance systems with high-definition cameras and event-based video recording.

We are committed to deliver top quality services. Everything we offer you is in use in our own homes/company and/or has been extensively checked out on our own test network.

Our prices are very attractive. We build our motivation on your satisfaction and success. Don’t hesitate to contact us to check, you will be positively surprised. (see our price list)